Henry Fool: Men Singing (2013)

1. Everyone In Sweden (13.53)
2. Man Singing (6.44)
3. My Favourite Zombie Dream (6.25)
4. Chic Hippo (13.24)

Michael Bearpark - Guitar
Stephen Bennett - Keyboards
Andrew Booker - Drums
Tim Bowness - Guitar
Peter Chilvers - Bass
Myke Clifford - Saxophone, Flute
Jarrod Gosling - Keyboards, Glockenspiel

Phil Manzanera - Guitar (tracks 1 and 2)
Steve Bingham - Violin (track 4)

Produced and arranged by Stephen Bennett and Tim Bowness

Mixed in November 2012 by Jarrod Gosling

Recorded by Paul Wright, Stephen Bennett and Jarrod Gosling in The Music Room, Lenwade, Chaos Studios, Norwich and Pig View, Sheffield between October 2006 and November 2012

Mastered in December 2012 by Andy Jackson

Additional recording in August 2012
by Phil Manzanera at The Gallery Studio, London.


Pills In The Afternoon

Originally written for a Polish compilation album released on WEA, 'Pills In The Afternoon' was recorded in 2003 and features Stephen Bennett, Tim Bowness and Peter Chilvers.

The track is available for download from Burning Shed.


Henry Fool (2001)

1. FridayBrown (1.13)
2. Bass Pig (2.57)
3. Poppy Q 2.42)
4. Lateshow: Midnight Days (2.17)
5. Lateshow: Blindman One (1.11)
6. Lateshow: Poppy Z (2.58)
7. Lateshow: Blindman Two(2.02)
8. Lateshow: Grounded (4.37)
9. The Laughter That Turned To Ice (3.44)
10. Jazz Monkey (3.03)
11. Judy On The Brink (3.16)
12. The David Warner Wish List (3.47)
13. Heartattack (3.44)
14. The Mellow Moods of Malcolm McDowell (6.54)
15. Dreamer's Song (3.44)
16. Tuesday Weld (2.58)

Michael Bearpark - Guitars
Stephen Bennett - Keyboards, Guitars
Tim Bowness - Vocals, Guitars
Peter Chivers - Bass, Stick, Guitars, Keyboards
Myke Clifford - Saxophone, Flute
Fudge Smith - Drums

Produced by Stephen Bennett and Tim Bowness

Recorded at Chaos Studios and The Music Farm between
April 2000 - March 2001

Engineered by Stephen Bennett and Paul Wright

Mixed by Stephen Bennett and Tim Bowness
and assisted by Peter Chilvers except:

Tracks 6 and 13 Mixed by Steven Wilson

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